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Welcome to the UMHS Interpreter Services Program - Education Division

The University of Michigan Health System treats thousands of deaf and Limited English Proficient (LEP) patients each year. For them, a visit to a doctor or care provider can be confusing and even dangerous without a trained medical interpreter. The Interpreter Services Program provides in-person medical interpreters and translators in 8 primary languages, 66 secondary languages, and access to every language in the world. We are committed to helping LEP and deaf patients enjoy equal access to outstanding health care.

Our interpreters and translators are highly trained and carefully screened. Along with language mastery, many also have medical backgrounds. To help them and to train future medical interpreters and translators, we offer educational programs including medical terminology courses and Bridging the Gap, the nation's premier medical interpreter training program.

The Interpreter Services Education Division is committed to providing high quality, effective, and relevant medical interpreter courses to current and future medical interpreters. The courses provided ensure that practitioners maintain their skill levels, as well as keep up with developments in the interpreting field.

Medical Interpreting and Translating Courses includes:

  1. Linguistic and cultural studies which include the study of any language or linguistic system, and the study of any specific culture.
  2. Theoretical and experiential studies which include the process of interpreting and transliterating theory and skill building activities.
  3. Specialization studies which include specialized aspects of medical interpreting used in settings such as the pediatrics, mental health, substance abuse recovery fields, palliative care, and many others.
  4. General knowledge studies which include areas less obviously related to the field of medical interpreting and translation but are educationally beneficial to the participant.

If you questions about the field of medical interpreting and translating, please contact our Education Division at